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Tools to Empower Educators to Start a School On Mobile 

In-App Newsletters 

Curate content from 1500+ sources across the internet for articles, videos, podcasts, book summaries, courses, Tweets, Case-Studies etc.

In-App Live Sessions 

Start Live sessions for your school and interact with your audience anytime and anywhere. 

Create Learning Playlists

Create curated modules and guided paths for your employee specific to their career goals in form of learning playlists. 


Certify  your audience based on how they learn and where are they on their path to reach their goals.

Host Content & Assessments of your own

Create engaging Micro-Content and assessments for your audience to learn.  Host your podcasts, videos, articles and more on your school. 

Integrations for Community 

Create Learning Communities by integration with Whatsapp, Slack or Telegram Groups. 

How does it Work ?

Productize Your Knowledge by Starting a School  

Launch Your School with Curated & Original Content

Engage your audience with timely notifications of Live Sessions, New Content & Assessments. 

Grow your audience by building communities with integrations like Whatsapp, Slack & Telegram 

Introducing Series, a micro-textbook for mobiles 

We're introducing Series, a new way to learn guided lessons for specific topics. Series could be Bite-Size Lessons, Learning Playlists, Twitter Threads, Gamified Assessments etc 

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Schools Launching This Month 


of Naval Ravikant

by Siddharth Ram

Kickstarting your UI/UX Design Career 

by Anoop Kumar  

Introduction of Stock Photography 

by Picxy 

Building Your Career  is Fashion Design 

by Soundarya

Station91 School of UX Design 

"I will be using this often. I don't have to google for many articles. It is very similar to Medium, but I can get more than just articles."

Roshni Mondal, UI/UX Designer at Mobizite.

"This is very good. I really really like it. There are things that I don't know. Usually I have to follow a lot of designers and profiles, but this app gave me a good insight that even Tweets can teach us a lot."

Ambarish Acharjee, UI/UX Designer


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